Day: February 22, 2018

Supreme Prince Pool Table

Supreme Prince Pool TableThe Supreme Prince Pool Table is popular for bars, pubs and clubs as well as for use in the home for people looking for a pool table with traditional styling. Considered the sister pool table to the classic Winner table with it’s ‘turned leg’ styling, fine detailing and cabinet corners.

There are a multitude of options for laminate and cloth colour ranges which compliment every games room interior. Uneven floors can be compensated for by using the adjustable feet on each table.

Professional cushion rubbers and an Italian slate surface guarantee perfect pool play can be had on the commercial coin operated versions of the Supreme Winner Pool Tables. The table comes in 6ft, 7ft and 8ft versions.

This is the table of choice for many pool player professionals and can often be seen on the tv. The table is available in kit form so that it can be moved to your room of choice and then assembled so that even those awkward areas such as cellars and lofts become accessible.